Lotharius I (795-855) was Emperor of the so-called “MiddleEmpire”, which was named after him: Lotharingia. In 959 Lotharingia was divided in Lotharingia Inferior (977-1100) and Loharingia Superior (959-1100) In the 21st century, this area is still a point of intersection for French, German and Dutch languages and culture, with the English language as the common language for politics, commerce, industry and art. ‘Lotharius’ (Han Berghs,2012) , a collection of poems in four languages, underlines this international character of the Euro-region“Meuse and Rhine”, the former Lotharingia. ‘Lotharius, Four in One’ is a short version of Lotharius in which in each poem the four languages are mixed up and combined in a special way’.

Lotharius Four in One

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